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Come in for your intro session and see how we can transform your health and fitness. Meet our members, chat with our coaches, see our facility and find out for yourself what a real CrossFit family is about. During your free one on one consultation, you will receive: A baseline fitness assessment. An overview of our unique training methodology and class options. A tour of our world-class training facility. Specific information on how to transform your health, fitness, and lifestyle.


At CrossFit Beyond Parallel, we believe that anyone who is apart of our CrossFit gym becomes part of our family. We watch after and care for each other as if we have known each other our whole lives. This community of amazing individuals are always accepting and encouraging to others. Our coaches are the “Big Siblings” of the family and we strive to help all members be the best version of themselves. Its never “you vs them”, but “you vs you” in our eyes. That is how you become the better version of yourself. Come on in and see what its like to be part of the Beyond Parallel Family!

Client Testimonials

  • "I have been active and have worked out in some capacity most of my life! I kind of always turned my nose up at a traditional gym mainly because I was intimidated and overwhelmed by the atmosphere and felt clueless with gym equipment! I managed to stay in decent shape by working out at home and just staying active in general.  When I heard people say “I CrossFit” I automatically assumed they were a crazy fitness person that knew everything about lifting and that it was not a place for any type of rookie let alone women. Then a couple of years ago a good friend invited me to a CrossFit class at Beyond Parallel.  It was a class meant for newbies to try CrossFit and get a taste of what the atmosphere was like.  I was instantly hooked. I loved it!  I love how no matter what fitness level you are you can show up and attend class with no fear of judgement.  I love that there is a coach helping you with form & cheering you on when it gets tough and you want to give up!  The sense of community our gym provides is the reason I get up every day at 4:45am to get to a class before going to work.  You find your people here!  Everyone is here trying to better themselves!  No matter what your goals are we are all doing it together! 

                    When I bit the bullet and finally decided to become a member it was a little intimidating at first.  I mean there were people doing handstand pushups! I had no idea that was even a thing! But having a coach there and basically the most encouraging environment ever takes the intimidation away!  I truly believe CrossFit changed my world.  There is always something to push towards and get better at!  It never gets boring!  It is always a challenge and sometimes the workouts require a lot more mental strength than physical but that is the best part!  A grueling workout with friends is HANDS DOWN the best part of my day!  I love this community and what it has added to my world!  Beyond Parallel is truly a blessing to my mental and physical health!  When you find a fitness community like CrossFit Beyond Parallel the impact it can have on your life is immeasurable. This is definitely my happy place! "

    -Darlene MCcune

  • “I have been to other CF gyms before I joined Beyond Parallel and I can tell you this is my new home. The staff is awesome at pushing you safely beyond your limits.”

    -Justin Holland

  • "I was intimidated to start CrossFit but after I took my first class with BP I was hooked. Every coach has been supportive and offers lots of modifications if needed. The atmosphere is fun and fitness focused, not cliquey and competitive.

    -Antionetta Riley

  • I started at Beyond Parallel during the summer of 2019. One of my friends talked me into coming for a trial and shortly after I was hooked. All of the coaches are extremely helpful and they, along with other members, quickly became my friends! As a former college athlete I love being able to compete with other competitive athletes who constantly push me during the workouts. My fitness has never been better due to the awesome programming and coaches who go with it. BP is a great place for people who want to get into fitness for the first time, current gym goers who are looking for a new challenge, and anyone looking to join a great community!

    -David Hall

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