Beyond Parallel - About

About Us

We are a place where you can get stronger, fitter, and faster.
We are a group of coaches who believe that our program can help make YOU the best version of YOU.
We are a group of athletes who strive for constant improvement.
We are a community of people who support each other in our goals in and out of the gym.
We are Beyond Parallel.

Our Trainers

Ethan Helbig has a passion for fitness and helping people, and loves combining those two passions while coaching at Beyond Parallel. Ethan is a certified USA Weightlifting Sport Performance coach. He has been coaching weightlifting, as well as strength & conditioning and sport specific classes, for 2 years. In addition to coaching, Ethan is a competitive CrossFit athlete. He has qualified for several national level competitions, and is currently training in hopes of qualifying for the CrossFit Games. Ethan places a strong emphasis on movement patterns and correct technique. Ethan's dedication to the gym and the people in it cultivate a motivating environment.

Laura Prosser has been an owner and coach at Beyond Parallel since its opening in 2013. She is a certified USA Weightlifting Sport Performance coach. Laura has a deep passion for the sport of weightlifting in general, especially promoting the growth of the sport. She serves as vice president of the Allegheny Mountain Local Weightlifting Committee, which oversees the education, promotion, conservation, and coordination of Weightlifting in all of Western and parts of Central Pennsylvania. She regularly volunteers at local weightlifting meets, and is working on initiatives to further the sport of weightlifting in Pennsylvania. She has successfully coached athletes to qualify for national level meets in the sport of weightlifting. In addition to coaching, Laura competes in weightlifting and is looking forward to her career as a masters weightlifter.


What is the main philosophy behind your programming?

We strongly believe in the goals of increasing lean muscle mass and strength. Our programming is built around that philosophy. Research shows that fat loss, metabolism and overall health is increased more rapidly by focusing on strength training in conjunction with cardiovascular exercises as opposed to cardiovascular workouts alone. Many of our members started strength training hesitantly, because of the myths that strength training is only for athletes, or will affect your body in a negative way. These same people have seen incredible changes in their body, reaching both performance and physique goals in a way they never thought possible.

What type of programs do you offer?

We offer three different types of programs. All three offer both strength and conditioning aspects according to different scales. We meet with all new members to discuss individual goals, and decide on which program best meets their needs.

What does a typical class look like at Beyond Parallel?

A typical class begins with a group warm up, followed by strength or skill work, then a cardio component. Our coaches lead the entire class, ensuring that all members are performing lifts and movements properly. At Beyond Parallel we pride ourselves on our knowledge and ability to coach proper technique.

What makes you different from other strength and conditioning gyms?

Without a doubt, our focus on one-on-one attention. One of our members recently described our gym as “a membership to personal training.” We cap our class sizes so that we feel confident that every member is safe and cared for in every class. We know each member well, including their current fitness level, any limitations they may have, skills they are working towards, and goals that they have.