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At Beyond Parallel, our passion is fitness. Our goal as a gym is to help create a more fit community through group exercise classes. Our coaches are top notch at running safe and effective classes. Constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity is the heart and soul of our program. We pride ourselves in making a stronger, faster, and more confident community of fitness enthusiasts. We are Beyond Parallel.

Trainers Meet our trainers

Ethan Helbig

Ethan Helbig

    After a 13 year long hockey career, Ethan found a love for fitness. Finding CrossFit was for sure a life changing experience. Starting his journey as a regular guy walking through the Beyond Parallel doors, he tried CrossFit in January of 2014. After his first class, he knew he wanted to be a competitor and immediately started on his journey to be the fittest on earth. After three long years of training, Ethan punched his first ticket to The CrossFit Games Regionals in 2017. Ethan is not sure where competing will take him, but he knows where he wants to be. As owner and head coach of Beyond Parallel, he never works a day in his life because he is doing what he loves to do. Ethan is CrossFit L1 and USAW certified and withholds tons of knowledge gathered from some of the best coaching eyes across the country. His lifelong dream is to help people be the best version of themselves through fitness. Ethan believes in the methodology he preaches and also believes it is adding years of quality life to people every day.
Amanda Flavion

Amanda Flavion

    Amanda is a Certified USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach and USA Weightlifting Local (LWC) Referee. Amanda’s experience as an athlete with the distinguished coaching at Beyond Parallel for the past three years has inspired and helped develop her love for Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting which turned into an incredible passion. This passion cultivated a motivation of wanting to help others achieve their goals while finding a happy balance in their fitness and health. She has been an athlete at BPSF for 5 years & a coach for a little over a year.


  • We strongly believe in the goals of increasing lean muscle mass and strength. Our programming is built around that philosophy. Research shows that fat loss, metabolism and overall health is increased more rapidly by focusing on strength training in conjunction with cardiovascular exercises as opposed to cardiovascular workouts alone. Many of our members started strength training hesitantly, because of the myths that strength training is only for athletes, or will affect your body in a negative way. These same people have seen incredible changes in their body, reaching both performance and physique goals in a way they never thought possible.

  • We offer three different types of programs. All three offer both strength and conditioning aspects according to different scales. We meet with all new members to discuss individual goals, and decide on which program best meets their needs.

  • A typical class begins with a group warm up, followed by strength or skill work, then a cardio component. Our coaches lead the entire class, ensuring that all members are performing lifts and movements properly. At Beyond Parallel we pride ourselves on our knowledge and ability to coach proper technique.

  • Without a doubt, our focus on one-on-one attention. One of our members recently described our gym as “a membership to personal training.” We cap our class sizes so that we feel confident that every member is safe and cared for in every class. We know each member well, including their current fitness level, any limitations they may have, skills they are working towards, and goals that they have.