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        Our CrossFit program is truly unique. Increase your mental focus, overall body awareness, and power by performing the Olympic Lifts daily. Improve your general strength by performing traditional lifts such as squats, deadlifts, presses, and pulls. Refine skills through weekly technical practice. Increase your cardio capacity by participating in interval training. Our program has it all, combined in a way that produces results in a safe environment. Our calculated programming allows for continued measureable results in all areas of fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

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Try a free class – Thursday mornings at 5:30 am or Thursday afternoons at 4:30 pm. Even better – reserve a one on one introductory session.

Barbell Club

        Whether your goal is to be a competitive weightlifter or simply to improve your technique, our coaches can help you attain your goal. Through personalized programming and attentive coaching we will help you refine your technique, increase your overall strength, and ultimately improve your lifts.


Sports Performance Training

        Our Sports Performance program is designed to increase confidence, body awareness, and overall health for teens. We teach our athletes the basics of weightlifting and strength training in a fun, safe environment. Classes run 1 hour in length and include age and skill- level appropriate weight lifting and interval training. We will also spend time teaching other athletic movements such as gymnastics, running mechanics, and kettlebell training. Our program is appropriate for any teen, regardless of athletic background or experience, whether their goal is increasing power and strength for sport, or simply to get moving and learn something new! Looking for a more sport specific approach? Ask us about one-on-one training for your star player!


        Our Kids fitness program is appropriate for ages 6-11 and our #1 priority (besides safety) is to show your kids that being fit is FUN!!! Classes run 45 minutes in length and always include an age appropriate warm up, the teaching of a new skill, monitored skill practice, a short conditioning workout, and a game. Our sessions generally run 8-12 weeks, with classes occurring once a week.