Sports Performance Training

Why Join Beyond Parallel?

A big part of sports is off-season training. With how competitive sports are in today’s age, you have to train year round if you want a shot to play Varsity or College. The scariest part of sending your son or daughter to a gym is not knowing what they are doing. Who is watching them or guiding them? Unless you are there coaching them, there is no way to know if what they are doing is working or if it is even good for them! Some places take a PT approach to training but the problem with that is plateaus come quickly and you are back to square one, making no progress. At Beyond Parallel we run a proven and varied program to keep your son or daughter climbing the ladder!

Sports Performance Fundamentals

Meet The Coaches

Coach Ethan Helbig is a USAW certified Sports Performance Coach and CrossFit L1 trainer. In 2018, Ethan competed at the CrossFit Games and earned himself the title of 33rd fittest man on earth! Ethan has been the Sports Performance coach for the Seneca Valley Football team leading into the 2018/2019 season. He coaches over 80 athletes on a weekly basis for the football team and has heard "these players are in the best physical shape we have ever seen" by multiple staff members. He also had the opportunity to coach the Seneca Valley Girls Lacrosse team in house for eight weeks leading into their 2018 season. Coach Katie Conn said she was very satisfied with the professional service offered by Beyond Parallel. Sports have always been a huge aspect of his life but he always enjoyed training for them more than actually playing them. He regrets not learning more about training for sports when he was younger. "Kids just want to go in to the gym and do the flashy lifts, but no one makes them do the important things like agility, accessory, recovery and other key aspects to a well rounded sports program." I was one of those kids and I wish I knew back then what I knows now." His passion for helping kids reach goals is what makes Ethan the coach that he is today.
Coach Kody Helbig is a USAW certified Sports Performance Coach. With over 15 years of hockey experience, including Juniors and Collegiate, Kody has been through many different training systems. With the experience of being through multiple sports camps, he learned what was working and what was not. In the summer of 2017, coach Kody launched his first Hockey Strength Training camp and immediately had great success. The feedback we were getting from the kids was outstanding and all of them had record seasons after just one summer. Summer of 2018 the camp doubled in size and his passion for working with these kids showed. Kody always takes the time to show each and every kid proper warm up, cool down and stretching to help with longevity in sports.

The Beyond Parallel Appraoch

Core to Extremity

Our first approach that we take with kids is what we call “Core to Extremity”. We use multiple different functional movements and motor patterns to teach kids how to move with their core in mind. Low back injuries are one of the most common injury in youth sports due to poor posture created in daily activities. Learning the proper way to brace your core is one of the most important aspects of being an athlete. Proper core control creates balance, stability and a more agile athlete. Core to Extremity is applied to everything we do in the gym from lifting weights to running. 

Functional Movement

Functional movements are key to being a high level athlete. The first thing we see in most of our students is the lack of full range of motion or improper motor pattern. Our bodies are capable of using full range of motion in daily activities and many sports even force you to use those ranges of motion while playing them. With that being said, shouldn’t you train your body the same way you play? Full range of motion is the most effective way to prevent injury and create longevity. Full range of FUNCTIONAL movements are the best way to train an athlete. A functional movement is a simulation  of a movement that occurs in daily activity. We teach all of our movements with that in mind, from a bench press to a squat, all movements are meant to simulate and strengthen the movements we do on a daily basis. This allows for maximum potential to be reached in any sport.

High Intensity

Sports today require High Intensity. Sports are not slowing down, but getting faster each year. High Intensity does not mean unsafe in any way. Our approach to High Intensity teaches kids how to push their limits while maintaining safety. High Intensity intervals simulate a “sprint and rest” routine which is how most sports are played now and days, work really hard for a period of time and then rest. High Intensity training also builds aerobic capacity by increasing the amount of work that an athlete can do in a period of time. The longer an athlete can perform at a task at High Intensity and maintain that Intensity, the more Aerobic that athlete is.

What Does Our Program Cover?

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1) Core Strength
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2) Raw Strength
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3) Stability
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4) Agility
5) Aerobic Capacity
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6) Overall Athleticism

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